With the innovations and advancements in digital technology, online shopping has become the new normal for the current generation, especially for food and groceries. Nowadays, ordering food and groceries is just a few clicks away, and you get the products at your doorstep within a short span. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has also given the online market a brand-new opportunity for the business to flourish.

Talabat is one of the finest dark store examples and the biggest online food delivery company in the Middle East and North Africa. More than 4500 different stores are available for customers on its digital platform, and it has expanded to 7 countries in 2021. In addition, the company is expanding into dark stores, which are also known as virtual delivery stores. But before we go on further, let’s understand what a Moreover the dark store is!

What are Dark stores? 

Dark store refers to a retail distribution centre that operates through online mode. It caters exclusively to online shopping. The dark store is a hybrid of retail and eCommerce, providing an excellent customer experience by offering same-day or last-mile delivery. One can easily purchase products through the desktop or mobile app and get the products delivered to the doorstep.

Simply put, it is generally a large warehouse located at a strategic location and can be used to facilitate a few clicks away service or store pickups. In addition, these warehouses typically have an integrated IT system equipped with new generation software that helps store, sort, and manage orders to facilitate quick delivery and easier automation. 

Dark Stores offer a plethora of benefits for both the retailer and the consumers. They work on the principle of high profits and reduced cart abandonment rates. The business of dark stores has hit the mainstream, especially during the pandemic. This particular model has a competitive edge over others and proves to be highly beneficial if appropriately planned. Dark Store addresses critical challenges related to the food and grocery industry and the end consumers. This advanced model stands out as an exception and undoubtedly is the future of the post-pandemic food and groceries industry.

Company profile – Talabat

In 2004, Abdulaziz Al Loughani  and Khaled Al Otaibi founded Talabat General Trading and Contracting Company in Kuwait. The name “Talabat” is an Arabic word and stands for “orders” or “requests”. In 2021, dark stores Talabat is a pioneer of online food, grocery, and all daily essentials in the Middle East and North Africa. 

Talabat supermarket dark stores are working with a vision of ordering food and groceries fast and easy. It offers an array of products and items from international and local businesses. The company’s new marketplace Talabat Mart is based on the quick commerce concept, delivering a range of products such as grocery, fresh food, butchery, and ready meals products at an affordable price and unbeatable convenience. 

Talabat has shown impressive performance in the following fields:

  • After 17 years of establishment, Talabat now operates across Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, and Egypt as well.
  • The company generates about annual revenue of 66.7 million dollars.  
  • With more than 45000 restaurants, cloud kitchens, and stores, the site has hit hundreds of thousands of users who use the digital platform for online ordering.
  • Talabat Mart has launched the policy of a less than 30-minute grocery delivery service.
  • In 2020, food delivery company Carriage, also owned by Delivery Hero and the Egyptian food delivery service Otlob which was in operation since 1999, was taken over by Talabat.
  • In December 2020, Talabat and Huawei partnered, which listed Talabat App at the top in the market of Huawei.
  • Currently operating in five emirates, the company has announced plans to double its dark stores by the end of 2021. 

Why Talabat became a success

Talabat’s success story is not just a matter of luck but due to the years of efforts to provide easier services, consistency of delivery time, a wide variety, and a seamless ordering experience making the life of consumers easy. In addition, it is using cutting-edge techniques to stand apart from the rest of the competitors.

Let’s take a look at some of the features provided by Talabat:

Unique Customer Experience

Offering a seamless experience and convenience to their customers is the topmost priority for Talabat. They ensure less than 30 minutes of delivery and operate almost 24*7 depending upon the location. For delivery, no need to make a call, no wrong orders, no standing in the queue for long hours, and getting your order delivered to your doorstep. With Talabat, customer’s lives have become accessible, and shopping for groceries has become hassle-free. The company makes sure that the order is delivered on time to every customer.

Talabat’s digital customers appreciate their tight supply chain and inventory management. So when the items are ordered online, customers know that the products will be in stock and the items delivered will be fresh or of exceptional quality.  

The Ecommerce Website

The website of any dark store speaks about its commitment to value and convenience to end consumers. Talabat dark stores are based on cutting-edge technology. It is designed to enable order efficiency by Talabat’s in-store team. The website is easy to use and is visually appealing and efficient as a nearby physical store.

One can browse easily through their enormous inventory on the website or the app and order with just a few clicks. It is entirely an automated process, from taking an order by a customer until the order is delivered to the customer. Overall, it performs very well in today’s digital competitive marketplace.  

Effective and smooth logistics

An effective logistics and supply chain is essential for a successful dark store. Talabat Mart uses an efficient route system to ensure products are shipped and delivered to the customers at their doorstep within the promised time. The proper monitoring of logistics helps in both profit margin and provides a customer with a unique experience. 

Exceptional expansion

Talabat did not remain just limited to Kuwait. Instead, it became one of the renowned brands with a sustainable business model in the Middle East and North Africa. With a diverse consumer base, they plan their business according to the place. Currently, Talabat is operating across seven countries.

How can YRC help?

The demand for convenient and seamless shopping has skyrocketed since the pandemic hit the world. This rapid growth in demand made the industry develop an effective solution for automation and fulfilment, and dark stores are sure to become a permanent part of the future. So, it’s high time you consult an expert if you are planning to start your dark store venture or already have one.

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