If you are thinking of branching out into the franchising business in the Middle East Region, creating an operations manual to pass on to your franchisees is a very important step especially for a franchise food business. The operations manual primarily acts as a guide for your franchisees to follow. However, preparing a franchise operation manual is not that easy as it may sound. To make your food franchise business successful in countries like Dubai and Saudi Arabia, you need to spend a good amount of time in the creation of a powerful operations manual. 

First and foremost, you must know that creating an effective fast food franchise operation manual does not happen overnight. Moreover, you need to continuously alter the operation manual as your franchise grows with time. To begin with, you need to know how to create a franchise manual and what significant elements are supposed to be incorporated into an operational manual.

What Are Operations Manual for Franchise Business

When it comes to a franchise business, the operations manual serves as the DNA of a franchise system. The manual acts as a foundation that takes care of franchise unit performance, plans and execution. A powerful and effective franchise operations manual will list out all the details about the standards, specifications, and ideas that franchisees should follow to run the franchised businesses. Rather than having a single document, franchisees are generally given multiple manuals.

Franchise operations manuals are important to franchisors as they take care of multiple parameters such as quality control across locations and uniformity of customer experience. Besides this, these manuals also serve as a training tool for new franchisees, at the same time, act as conclusive evidence that the franchisee is an independent entrepreneur when it comes to claim against the franchisor that it is liable for franchisees’ errors.

To say it all, the Franchise operations manual is a priceless tool since they are not just the franchisee’s daily reference tool but also provides the franchisee with all key knowledge that may be required to operate the franchised business. 

Importance of SOPs to Manage Franchise

Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs are the most useful resource when it comes to streamlining a business, for instance, they are like the booklet for a food and beverage franchisee. A carefully designed SOP manual can assist in bringing uniformity to the operation’s and aid in standardizing the procedures. A franchisor has to provide the SOP manual to the franchisees to ensure every task comply with the guidelines and the outcomes pass the quality criteria of the franchisor’s brand.

The importance of the SOPs manual thus cannot be understated as it lists all the details that are essential for running the business such as the process to complete any tasks as well as the person responsible for it. Hence, Standard Operating Procedures can be classified as the backbone to manage the franchise and play a key role to make a profit, increase productivity and draw customers. With an effective SOP, it is easier for the franchise to perform their daily business. Here’s why SOPs are important to manage the franchise business:

  • SOPs will bring standardization

SOPs help everyone know the standard policies and practices to manage daily tasks efficiently. An SOP in place will make it easier for you to know the procedures followed in an enterprise. From an intern to an expert, everyone can go through the SOP to perform a task in the best possible manner.

  • SOPs will develop your brand

SOP’s continually drive workers to achieve business goals. An SOP manual can help build your brand as you can take care of the quality of products and services from wherever you operate. It also determines your USP which eventually can assist you to develop your own brand.

  • SOPs can recover your franchise fees

Having an SOP can recover the franchise fees that you would have given to the franchisor in the longer run. This is because SOPs can motivate the workers to work according to the manual which can help save money that is spent on the non-productive expenses over the years.

  • SOPs promote the franchisee business expansion

If you have a dream or ambition to expand your franchise business, SOPs can be very beneficial. With comprehensive SOPs, you can expand your business from anywhere as it helps with making your work process portable without compromising on the market share. For example, you can run your business in the Middle East Region while living in the US.

  • SOPs effectively manage the Franchisee business 

A well-crafted SOPs can reduce the load on the franchisee which in turn helps the franchisee to focus on the “real” job. Once you start doing things as per the SOPs, you’ll find that you have better control over the business. 

  • SOPs do standardization among all the Franchise units

If everything is well-documented, completing a task becomes easier and the quality of output is better as well because of standardisation. This is because SOPs act as a guide that would ensure that all the products are created in the same manner and thus a uniformity is maintained across all the franchise units. This would enable customers to identify and trust your brand easily. For example, McDonald’s franchise operations manual will enable that the products have the same taste in all the franchise units be it Dubai or Saudi Arabia.

  • SOPs can help avoid failure from mismanagement

If your employees follow SOPs, you can rest assured as there would be fewer chances of failures due to mismanagement. An SOP manual outlines every operational activity, hence reduces the confusion and eventually brings stability into any business. 

Why “Your Retail Coach” to Create Franchise Manual

At YRC, our main objective is to offer better service & experience to the end-users of our clients. Hence, when it comes to the franchise business, our experts shall assist you in creating the best operational manual for the franchise. The franchise operations manual template created by Your Retail Coach will list out every minute detail in a very precise manner so that every activity is performed in the best possible way. We bring the franchise operation manual to life so that everything is in one place for both the franchisor and franchisee.