Dubai/UAE is known for its passion and luxury aspirations for automobiles.

Cross Border ECommerce

What makes Dubai an interesting market for cross border eCommerce is its uber market and a world-class sense of living.

Dark Stores

Fighting from the shadows in the form of dark stores is emerging as a powerful channel for businesses in Dubai and the UAE.

Fashion Retail

Dubai is emerging as a strong contender to become the world’s fashion capital in the near future.

FMCG/ E-Grocery

Customer behaviour has tilted towards eCommerce; opening up new economic avenues for eGrocery business in Dubai and the UAE.

Fulfilment Centre

To keep up with Dubai’s advanced logistics industry and customer expectations, ordinary fulfilment centres will not work.

Health and Wellness

Fuelled by increasing awareness, Dubai’s health and wellness market is unfolding its growth potential.

Luxury Retail

Luxury and Dubai goes hand in hand. It is time for luxury brand retailers to go omnichannel.

Online Marketplace

Dubai is truly a cosmopolitan city with an eclectic mix of indigenous and people from a host of countries in Asia and the West.

Restaurants/ Cloud Kitchen

What customers here seek in restaurants is not just good food but a delightful experience.

Salon/ Beauty

Dubai’s beauty and cosmetic market is a hallmark of its emergence as a global cosmopolitan city.

Warehouse / Distribution Centre

The UAE is a global logistics and re-export hub now being increasingly seen as a connecting point between the East and the West.

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