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Brick & Mortar / Physical Stores

Brick & Mortar/Physical Stores Business Consulting

The United Arab Emirates is already known as a shopping destination in the world. The UAE’s retail market is one of the hotspots for retail business. This is corroborated by the UAE’s growing customer base, impressive per capita income, growing ex-pat population, tourism, pro-business environment, free trade zones, etc. The increasing number of malls, hypermarkets, supermarkets, foreign brands, and departmental stores further testifies the country’s retail sector’s growth potential amidst a rising concern among retail players about the infiltrating nature of eCommerce into the brick and mortar’s market share. The retail brick and mortar channel will continue to play a dominant role in a country with a population of 10 million and the second-best GDP per capita in the GCC region.

Challenges faced

Despite the market potential and opportunities, there are certain challenges that brick and mortar retail businesses often encounter while starting or operating a retail business in the UAE.

Tough competition

With the presence of many global and local brands already operating in the UAE’s retail market, it is often difficult for new players to capture any considerable pie of the market share to make business sense. It is even more challenging for businesses with no clear niche or any strong UVP.

Rise of eCommerce

Even though the retail store business model is dominant in the UAE, the rise of eCommerce has made things much less easy for retailers. An increasing number of online shoppers are spending at an increasing rate in online shopping. To compete with eCommerce, brick and mortar retailers are now forced to think out of the box, go big, get the most out of having a physical presence, and compete with eCommerce features wherever possible.

Expensive real estate

Growing business interest in retail comes with a typical consequence – soaring commercial real estate prices. Small businesses and startups cannot afford to burden themselves with big investments in acquiring retail space. With smaller store spaces, they do not get the flexibility to house wider and bigger merchandising affecting their sales volume and room for competitive pricing.

Customers with high expectations

Customers are indeed like kings and queens in the UAE when it comes to understanding customer priorities. Whether it is store design and décor, visual merchandising, product quality standards, quality of customer support, staff etiquettes, or any other relevant aspect, as a retailer, you just may not get another opportunity to impress your customers in the UAE.

How YRC can help

Our services cover the journey of converting a retail business idea into making it a robust, functional enterprise. From conducting market research and formulating strategies to mapping business processes, we walk the distance with our clients.

In brick and mortar, the store layout begins to speak even before your staff, merchandising, or attractive price tags. The store is the most important physical touchpoint for customers in retail. Retail design consultants call for optimising store design elements and being adept with floor planning layout to deliver a delightful customer experience. In brick & mortar business consulting services, keeping your marketing strategies and brand goals in mind, our team will help you in areas like planogram, visual merchandising, zone classification, time and motion study, merchandise planning, store security, and much more.

An undesirable situation in a retail store is rejecting a customer because of an out-of-stock situation arising from poor inventory planning. The next blooper is resorting to presenting alternatives to customers. A good retailer knows this irrespective of the size and scale of his business. The effectiveness of your inventory planning impacts the impression you leave on your customers. In brick & mortar business consulting services, our inventory planning solutions are aimed at ensuring a smooth attendance of your inventory requirements striking the desired trade-off between high service levels and high inventory costs. We help with policy settings for the review period, replenishment cycles, safety stock, and back-order ratio.

If brick and mortar retail has to compete with eCommerce, it has to be super-efficient in terms of operations. Riding on the power of digital technologies, eCommerce operations are more efficient than retail. In contrast to traditional retail, eCommerce entities can address customer grievances quicker, process more sales, handle more revenue and refunds, manage higher volumes of inventory, manage complex logistics, etc. To compete with eCommerce players, brick and mortar retailers need to define and streamline their operations and workflows with the help of SOPs. Our team of brick and mortar retail business consultants will help your business become a process-driven enterprise with retail SOPs.

Process audit assesses the inner working systems of your business. In our process consultancy and process audit services, we will examine the efficacy of your business processes and not only whether the process outputs are achieved. We review processes with the goal of optimisation in terms of resources, time, and technology. Because human resources carry out business activities, we also survey employees involved in the processes.

The foundation of a strong business lies in its organisation and people management. Building a robust organisation calls for a proven and systematic approach to organisational design and structuring. A well-conceptualized and well-defined design and structure grants clarity to employees about the internal functioning of the enterprise. With that clarity comes a better understanding of roles, avoidance of unnecessary communication, and better coordination between positions and departments. In brick and mortar retail business consulting services, our HR expertise covers organisation design, staff analysis and succession planning, performance and risk management system, change management, and policies and procedures.


We are a boutique retail consulting firm. Our core team comprises retail management consultants with expertise in diversified areas of brick and mortar, eCommerce, and omnichannel. To know more about our retail management consulting services, drop us a message, and we will get back to you.

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