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Online sales in the UAE’s food and beverage sector witnessed a sharp increase in 2020. One may argue that it is true for most parts of the world. But the UAE has a special place in the GCC and MENA region. The country is touted as the connecting trade hub between the East and the West. This necessitates many companies to have their presence in the country. The UAE’s commercial infrastructure for business and trading is one of the best in the world. The country also has a pro-business environment. The country also attracts people from all over the world to come here for employment opportunities. Cities like Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi are hot global tourist destinations in the country. Urbanization here is unlike anywhere else in the world. Thus, in many ways, the UAE is a trend-setter for the region. The growth and development of eCommerce in the UAE is an example of this.

Q-Commerce is a relatively newer business model for most of the world. But it has already acquired firm grounds in the UAE. The reasons for customers’ preference for quicker delivery are universal. But Q-Commerce could grow quickly in the UAE because of the pre-existing favourable conditions. Changing consumer habits is one of them. In Q-Commerce, deliveries are made within 30 minutes to one hour of order placements. Q-Commerce is not possible where the right infrastructure and logistical capabilities are not present.

Despite the quick growth of Q-Commerce in the UAE, the mere presence of the required supply chain and logistical infrastructure does not mean doing this business is easy in the UAE.

Challenges in Q-Commerce

Lack of Experience

The UAE has made remarkable strides towards becoming a digital economy. In a digital economy, technology finds greater prominence. Whether it is about availing any government service, doing business, or buying groceries, technology has a bigger role to play in a digital economy. Q-Commerce is a relatively new concept. It will take some time for businesses to deeply comprehend the intricacies of Q-Commerce and address the challenges that will appear in it with the passage of time.

Real-estate Requirements

Real estate is a pricey affair in the UAE. Quick Commerce calls for having multiple local hubs or fulfilment centres. The cost of renting or acquiring commercial space is very high in the country. Then, these spaces have to be customized to suit Q-Commerce order fulfilment. Businesses that already have the foundational assets will be at an advantage. But for the new players, ingenuity in their business modelling and planning will be critical in tackling the space problem.

Bigger Delivery Team

Since the delivery timeline is a matter of an hour or so, businesses need to keep a bigger delivery team. This is towards ensuring that the orders are fulfilled within the promised time consistently throughout the day including the peak hours. Determining what team size will be optimum is the difficult part. While businesses cannot afford to pay for delivery executives sitting idle, they also need to ensure that no orders are missed because of the inability to fulfil an order on time.

Selection of Products and Services to be Offered

Q-Commerce is suitable for products that can be quickly packed and delivered. This rules out sophisticated products or services that require further processing or assembling, pushing the order fulfilment beyond the scope of quick commerce. For instance, QSRs or fast-food joints go better with quick commerce than fine-dine restaurants that offer delivery services. Thus, with Q-Commerce, the selection of products and services involves a certain degree of deliberation.

How YRC can help with Quick Commerce

We are a boutique retail and eCommerce consulting enterprise. Since 20212, we have consulted over 500 clients in more than 20 verticals. With a growing international presence, we aim to design and deliver services that are commensurate with the global standards of doing business.

Like Q-Commerce, market research for Q-Commerce is also a new and challenging task. Nevertheless, market research cannot be avoided. In market research, we deliver a comprehensive assessment of the target market from the perspective of Q-Commerce. The objective here is not merely to present graphs and charts but also meaningful and actionable market insights. This approach has helped many of our clients in their business planning, decision-making and strategy formulation. Our multi-layered segmentation allows assessment of the target market on various important factors like user segments, product lines, distribution channels, etc. Our experts provide CTAs and actionable recommendations to help clients make better and quicker decisions.

Q-Commerce alone is not sufficient to create brand differentiation. In the UAE’s competitive eCommerce market, businesses are already trying to make the most out of Quick Commerce. But there is a window of opportunity. A worthy value addition in the offering is capable of creating big differences in capturing larger market shares. Creating this difference is what we seek to deliver in our business model development services. Not just that, we also define how the identified UVP could be delivered passing through the required value chain and network of internal capabilities.

Once the overall business concept is ready with the roadmap for implementation, the same has to be evaluated from a financial and commercial perspective. And an important part of this evaluation is charting and determining the commercial viability of the business idea or the concept. The business plan of a Q-Commerce entity is different from that of a regular eCommerce business. The requirements are different especially at the infrastructural and operational levels. In business plan development, our services cover making the necessary financial and commercial assessments specifically designed for Q-Commerce business models. We go about this in a planned, systematic, and comprehensive manner.

In SOP consulting services, we define and streamline the business processes and operations required to achieve the functional objectives and the broader business goals. The standards of performance and output for every operational activity are established. With our expert crafted SOPs, employees and managers remain in clear sight of their duties and responsibilities. They remain aware of the operational requirements with utmost clarity without getting lost in procedures. Our bigger goal is to help clients become process-oriented enterprises and stay growth-oriented.

We offer expert and professional assistance to businesses in the layout planning of their stores, order fulfilment centres, and warehouses. This is done in consideration of the unique and varying constraints and requirements of every client. The goal is to achieve space optimization synchronized with the marketing objectives and strategies. Various critical elements that we rope in into our layout planning service include zone allocation, customer experience, mobility, visual appeal, logistical aspects, security and safety concerns, and more.

Franchising offers a strategic opportunity in Quick Commerce. With limited resources, adopting the franchise route offers an opportunity to operate a brand with multiple stores and cater to a wider market region. In franchise consulting services, our expertise covers franchise expansion strategies, franchise business plan, franchise partner search, franchise agreements, franchise operational planning, and franchise audit processes.


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