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In comparison to its population, the UAE has a massive working class of more than 7 million people offering the base of human resources required by companies. This is further boosted by the country’s impressive progress in education reflected in its literacy rates over 90% for both men and women.

Another well-known feature of the UAE’s workforce is the active participation of its migrant population, especially from the South-East Asian countries. The attractiveness of the UAE’s job market can be attributed to better salaries, great quality of living, pro-business environment, tax benefits, multicultural work environment, world-class infrastructure, etc.

Coming to employment prospects in the retail sector, people working in the retail and wholesale trade enjoy one of the best remuneration packages in the UAE.

HR Challenges in the UAE

Despite the favourable circumstances for business and employment in the UAE, businesses here face many underlying challenges in its human resource management.

Recruitment complexities

With a massive proportion of working people, it may actually be hard to find job seekers or people willing to jump to another company without compelling reasons. And even if you do find potential recruits, then there are strict compliances to be followed, contract obligations to be fulfilled, notice periods to be served, better salary packages, etc. thereby costing you more time and money.

Retaining employees

Staff retention is often cited as the biggest HR challenge for businesses. Retaining employees can be difficult for many reasons. Competitors can lure away employees of another enterprise offering better salary packages. Instead of taking the recruitment process by the book, it will be much more convenient for your competitors to resort to headhunting in the fight for grabbing skill-sets. Employees may also shift jobs if they get better opportunities or better alignment with their career goals and graph. Another cause of worry here is that the expats may move to their countries of origin at some point in their life and career and this happens all the time.

Dependence on expats

The UAE has a massive proportion of expats among its working population. If the UAE brings in a law similar to Nitaqat in Saudi Arabia, it could leave a huge void of skill-sets in the country’s workforce available for business and industry. It may be difficult for any country to fill such a large vacuum on a short call.

Keeping HRM relevant

Being a highly attractive job market, this is a challenge as well as a requirement for businesses in the UAE is to keep their HRM policies and practices at par with that of the best in the world. In the UAE, the strategy of higher packages would not be strong enough to hold on for too long. Instead, the challenge for businesses is to keep its HRM qualitative.

How YRC can help

Every variable in the external business environment cannot be controlled. What can be achieved with better planning and strategies is an optimized working system – a system that does not come in conflict with the external environment and complements with business functioning. As a provider of human resources consulting services, YRC’s experts will be there at every step of the journey in building and maintaining a robust people-organization for your enterprise.

A well-planned organisation design will ensure that the different roles and positions required for business are correctly identified and mapped within a structural framework involving various departments, authority-responsibility relationships are clearly established, principles of command chain and span of control are maintained, and regulatory provisions affecting organization design and structuring are also diligently followed. Our Human Resources consulting experts will help you come up with a robust organization design for your enterprise.

A planned and systematic manpower analysis ensures that a qualified workforce in the right numbers is always present in an enterprise across departments and organizational levels. An organization not only has to think about its manpower requirements for the present but also for the future and contingencies which is why a full-proof succession planning is necessary. Our HRM consultants will simplify this task for your business.

The HR manual is a must for every organization. It contains the policies, SOPs, practices, rules and regulations, code of conduct, criteria, etc. governing employees’ conduct as a member of an organization. It must also be subservient to the regulatory provisions in place. It serves as a ready-reference book for the employees and the HR to follow the established systems. Our HR consulting experts will prepare a thorough and comprehensive draft of the HR manual of your organization.

The most difficult challenge in incorporating a business-level or organizational change is creating the resultant behavioural changes in employees. Even the top human resource consulting firms can have a hard time in change management consulting or people and change consulting. Adopting the right approach and effective communication is the most important step in change management. The willingness and support of your employees will be crucial in bringing about organizational changes. That is why sometimes we prefer to call it people and change consulting or simply, people consulting.


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