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Workforce market in Oman

Conventionally, it would have been right to assume that Oman offers plenty of job opportunities in the oil sector but the country’s efforts to diversify its economy have led to the creation of job avenues in other industries as well. What has not changed are the attractive salary packages and favourable tax regime. If we add the virtue of being known as one of the safest countries for expatriates, Oman provides another strong reason to be a preferred job destination. And work-life balance would be only an excuse for spending a weekend outing on the beautiful sea beaches of Oman. Striking similarity with other GCC countries, Oman too has a large expatriate presence in its workforce. A shrinking gender gap in employment is also a good sign, especially from an HR perspective. Omanis and expatriates may soon be allowed to do part-time jobs also which can prove to be a resource pool for hiring in retail and eCommerce.

HR Challenges in Oman

Retail including eCommerce is a budding profession now demanding unique knowledge and skills. Finding recruits with the specific education, experience, and skill-sets sometimes can be difficult even in the most bustling of the job markets.

Finding the Right Skilled

The goal of increasing domestic employment among the locals has accompanied with itself a steep fall in the hiring of expatriates. As long as such a void of skill-sets can be filled via local recruitment then there should be no problem. But creating a pool of relevant skill-sets across a country of 5 million where near about half are expatriates will test the patience of business and industry requirements.

Lack of Experience

Even if businesses are able to find local candidates with the right educational background, it might be difficult to find ones with the relevant experience. In the backdrop of a reduced experienced expatriate workforce, there will be more freshers and institutionally-trained candidates available to fill up the job vacancies. The expatriates represent an overwhelming share of the workforce in the private sector.

Need for Training

In the event of not being able to find an exact match in recruitment means businesses will have to impart some degree of training to their new employees. This will involve time and money. Unlike big companies, small and medium businesses will have to rely on OJT and extended supervision to fill this gap.

How YRC can help

A well-planned organisation design will ensure that the different roles and positions required for business are correctly identified and mapped within a structural framework involving various departments, authority-responsibility relationships are clearly established, principles of command chain and span of control are maintained, and regulatory provisions affecting organization design and structuring are also diligently followed. Our Human Resources consulting experts will help you come up with a robust organization design for your enterprise.

A planned and systematic manpower analysis ensures that a qualified workforce in the right numbers is always present in an enterprise across departments and organizational levels. An organization not only has to think about its manpower requirements for the present but also for the future and contingencies which is why a full-proof succession planning is necessary. Our HRM consultants will simplify this task for your business.

The HR manual is a must for every organization. It contains the policies, SOPs, practices, rules and regulations, code of conduct, criteria, etc. governing employees’ conduct as a member of an organization. It must also be subservient to the regulatory provisions in place. It serves as a ready-reference book for the employees and the HR to follow the established systems. Our HR consulting experts will prepare a thorough and comprehensive draft of the HR manual of your organization.

The most difficult challenge in incorporating a business-level or organizational change is creating the resultant behavioural changes in employees. Even the top human resource consulting firms can have a hard time in change management consulting. Adopting the right approach and effective communication is the most important step in change management. The willingness and support of your employees will be crucial in bringing about organizational changes. Sometimes we prefer to call it people consulting.


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