Our next step will be to assess the feasibility of the operations within your franchise model.

As far as operations are concerned, it has a role to play in different departments like purchasing, accounts, sales, and marketing, the human resources department, the IT department, inventory management, administration, and finally housekeeping, maintenance, and security. Maintaining your outlet’s appearance and ambiance is so critical that you can never do without housekeeping. All the above departments require a standardized procedure for smooth and efficient operations. Here comes the role of SOPs which stands for Standard Operating Procedures.

A successful quality system depends on the development and use of SOPs. It provides information to enable an individual to perform a task correctly and consistently to ensure predetermined specifications are met and a quality end result is achieved. Your order department, sales channels, and inventory management are interconnected and should be managed properly so you always know what to order and when to order it. 

Determine which of your products are fast-moving, slow-moving, or expired stock and take action accordingly. Since you have been in business for a while, you know what steps to take for financial feasibility and how to operate for better results. In order to run your franchises, you must compile all your knowledge into a Bible. Developing your operational Bible is a crucial step for your franchisee business.

In addition, sometimes the franchise buyers might not be relevant to you. It is likely that your franchisee won’t be from the same field as you if you are looking for a pharmacy franchise. A pharmacist franchise may be offered to someone who was previously in the manufacturing industry. They may not be familiar with expiry stock, inventory management, and aging analysis of a industry which is new to them. Consequently, you will need to thoroughly train them on the company’s standard operating procedures. For instance, it is crucial to train people in brand service businesses on every aspect of the sales process as well. This includes generating leads, converting those leads, explaining the services to customers, and many more. Therefore, as a franchisor make sure you maintain quality standards in your services. The kind of customer relationship your brand develops directly depends upon the SOPs and their implementation within your franchise model.

Among the people who will buy your franchise model, nobody comes with an understanding of how to run a business. The fact that they are setting up a franchise clearly indicates that they require guidance on how to run it. This is why it is very important to develop every department accordingly. You have to make sure they understand how to maintain the respective departments and inform them about the minimum number of employees for those departments they will need to maintain the franchise outlet.

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