IKEA is a worldwide company in Sweden that offers fully prepared furniture, kitchenware, and home goods. With more than 400 stores providing low-cost home items to thousands of clients, IKEA is the most significant furniture retailer in the world. Ingvar Kamprad, 17, founded Ikea in Sweden in 1943. He sold small items like pencils, handbags, picture frames, and pendulum clocks. IKEA has expanded into a global company with over 400 stores worldwide and more than $40 billion in annual sales.

Despite its current association with furniture, IKEA began selling various products such as pencils, wallets, photo frames, wall clocks, and housewares. IKEA has overtaken all other furniture retailers to become the biggest on the planet. Despite its well-known brand, Ikea still has room to expand since it only has 5 to 10% of the market share in the nations where it works. Although IKEA is well recognized today, the company invented flat-pack, self-assembly furnishings.

Fact # 1: IKEA Has A Unique Naming Scheme 

Every product category has a unique name that refers to that thing. Carpets are frequently named after locations in Sweden or Denmark, while fabrics and curtains are given the name after women. Mattresses, for instance, are named after Norway locations, while couches are modelled after Swedish cities. IKEA uses Nordic titles for its home furnishings for a reason, which some people may find confusing. To explain, let’s take a closer analysis of their naming system;

Friheten is a biweekly newspaper published in Norwegian, translated into Freedom in English. 

Hemnes is a region in Nordland County in Norway. 

Brimnes is a Swedish town.

Flekke means to peel in Norwegian.

METHOD refers to the producer or the creator in Swedish.

Fact #2: Disturbances Become Traction Strategies 

IKEA is aware of consumer distraction sources and works to reduce them. For instance, in 1960, Kamprad built a café inside an Ikea store after seeing too many customers left empty-handed due to hunger. The purpose of the in-store eateries was to satisfy the need of shoppers who’d spent an entire day in the shop and make them feel comfortable and cared for. Ikea Restaurant has demonstrated the ability to increase consumer enthusiasm, which increases the likelihood of purchase. They also include a children’s entertainment section. Parents could take their children to play in the “Smaland” kid’s zone. Parents may shop freely, and children can play for free. Also, Ikea has made the whole shop kid-friendly by placing play spaces for children next to parts of the store that parents often visit, such as the kitchens. Kids’ meals at the restaurant are inexpensive and nutritious.

Fact #3: IKEA’S Style Uses Emotions To Increase Sales 

It has been established that spontaneous and unforeseen purchases account for about 50% of consumer transactions. When designed effectively, store architecture encourages impulsive purchases. Logic and necessity only account for 20% of our purchasing decisions; emotions drive the other 80%. IKEA follows the same path. IKEA stores typically cover 300,000 square feet. IKEA considers how changing its floor plan might alter consumers’ purchasing habits.

Fact #4: IKEA’s Creative Marketing Strategies to Increase Walk-Ins

IKEA Dubai stated in 2021 that consumers could cover the cost of travel time. Whether dining room furniture, office chairs, or various household gadgets, it has initiated a promotion where customers may purchase from its stores and pay with time rather than money. Of course, it is now. Once IKEA personnel scan the items for their Google Maps records, customers can purchase items at a shop and pay according to the time recorded. This applies to Dubai but may spread as the campaign gains popularity. 

Fact #5: IKEA Embraces Technology

IKEA has technology that allows you to create interior designs. IKEA uses technology in several facets of its company, including its user-friendly interface. Their UI-UX is incredibly user-friendly, making selecting the ideal room furniture easier. 

For example, they have augmented reality (AR) software set up so clients can visually arrange furniture in their houses before buying it. This novel feature lets buyers see how the table will appear in their area, enabling a more thorough choice process. It also improves customer experience. IKEA keeps up with the times by adopting cutting-edge technology and giving consumers a simple and convenient shopping experience.

To sum up, IKEA has surpassed all of its rivals to become the most significant furniture retailer in the world. IKEA’s success is mainly due to its original idea for flat-pack, self-assembled furniture, despite its initial focus on small, miniature goods. Although having a well-known brand, IKEA still has room for growth as it accounts for a small portion of the market in the nations it serves.

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