Market Research

On one hand, if it is considered favourable to start an eCommerce startup in Dubai, the market here is also earmarked by the sophistication of variables. Market research helps businesses take off with the required insights for building a robust business plan.

Value Proposition

Dubai’s eCommerce space is highly competitive. Both domestic and foreign eCommerce companies in Dubai are on their toes to woo customers with unique value propositions. A strong and unique value-based offering is essential to start and sustain an ecommerce business in Dubai.

Value Chain

Mapping a value chain is establishing the flow and constituents for value creation and delivery. If the value chain is not possible, the intended value also cannot be created or delivered. Although Dubai eCommerce city is resourceful for businesses, every value chain has unique requirements to match.

Key Partners & Associates

Key partners and associates are the other organisations who play a vital role in the value chain. Identifying and building formal relations with these entities is necessary. These entities may include regulatory bodies, service providers, manufacturers, suppliers, etc.

Operations Framework

In operational planning, business processes are identified and mapped. Professional companies use Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to define their business processes.

ECommerce website and mobile application

The website/app is the storefront (online) for an eCommerce brand. Its quality and performance are affected by development platforms used, cyber safety and security, data management, UX features, loading speed, device compatibility, ease of navigation, language support, etc. It may not be difficult to find a good eCommerce developer in Dubai.

Legal and Regulatory Compliances

The understanding of legal and regulatory compliances is a critical and universal requirement. Professional guidance could be of great help for new businesses to not only resolve their queries on eCommerce company registration in Dubai or eCommerce licence cost in Dubai but also guide them through the processes.

Financial and Commercial Planning

In financial and commercial planning, all the budgetary and statistical assessments and projections are made. It helps examine the profitability and commercial feasibility of executing the business idea or project. It provides an opportunity to make the necessary adjustments in the business idea and plan and a future roadmap for business decision-making.

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