In this tech-driven world, people look for ease and convenience when they are shopping for products. The e-commerce industry is the new normal for the millennial generation and the trend of shopping online for clothes, electronic devices, and even grocery and essential items can be seen. In times of pandemic, it is an eGrocery business model that people across the globe have to rely upon for their essentials and groceries. Innovations in digital technology have made groceries and essentials a few clicks away, and hence people shall prefer delivery orders for groceries post-pandemic as well. According to a Nielson study on the developed countries, about 25% of online shoppers are already buying groceries online, and 55% are willing to in the near future.

e-supermarket Business Model and its Benefits

The business of e supermarkets works upon the concept of online ordering through the mobile app or desktop websites and delivering orders to the doorsteps within a short period of time. It also offers last mile delivery, curbside pickups, or in-store pickups. During the coronavirus pandemic, many supermarkets have turned themselves into either omnichannel mode or completely into virtual or digital stores. Well-established e-supermarket have their warehouses whereas some just start an e-supermarket as they tie up with local vendors and sell online. Recurring lockdowns and restrictions along with less cost to operate and high-profit margins have made many business owners decide to shift to full-time selling online.

Shopping in an e-supermarket offers unique, amazing, and seamless experiences to the customers as well. The e-supermarkets have been successful in attracting the young, affluent, and urban generation as they no longer have to stand in long hours queue at the billing counters and can order online while sitting at their home or office very conveniently. According to Orian Research, as of 2021, online grocery shopping is rapidly gaining in the retail market and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 23.7%. 


Developing an e-supermarket and running it efficiently is not an easy task to do but can be a smooth process if things are managed properly. Wondering how to start an online grocery store, let’s take a look at some of the key-role playing factors to get a headstart in the market. 

A Proper Analysis and Planning

Before launching your e-supermarket business, a proper analysis of the supermarket business whether digital or offline is essential. One should thoroughly analyze their competitors and learn from their losses or profits. Before choosing the name of the brand and the logo design, one should determine the target niche on which your brand will be focusing, as your brand name and logo speaks it all for your venture. These mentioned steps will surely help you in creating a roadmap to an efficient and successful e-supermarket.

Website and Mobile App

Designing and maintaining a consumer-friendly website or mobile application is necessary for an e supermarket. The website or app for the e-supermarket should be dynamic and meet the SEO standards and have organic traffic. It should have an easy-to-use UI interface and mobile-friendly features. The digital store`s layout, how you categorize your products make online shopping an amazing experience for buyers. Using new innovative IT technologies in grocery app development makes your e-supermarket business streamlined, attractive and enjoyable for the customers.

Inventory and Product Management

It is impossible to run a-supermarket successfully without properly managing inventory operations. Standardized inventory management makes sure to monitor and regulate the storage of products so that there is no shortage of products. It is your inventory that makes sure that the right thing is available at the right time for the convenience of consumers. Keeping the record of several pending orders, order history, and providing the status of availability of the product is a must.

Logistics and Tracking Support

A smooth and efficient logistics equipped with new-age technology helps to reduce the time of delivery from vendors as well as of the delivery to the customers without any delays. The feature of GPS-enabled tracking helps both vendors and customers to locate the orders and manage logistics operations effectively.

Customer Service

Online selling has skyrocketed the demand for a seamless shopping experience. One should always focus on providing an amazing and convenient shopping experience to the customers. Customer acquisition and retention should be the top priority to make your e-supermarket a success. Offering a teleservice for customer support, analyzing the customer reviews, and solving their problems as soon as possible makes sure that the consumer regularly visits your store. Offering loyalty points or discounts to your regular customer and giving the deliverance within assured time engage more buyers to your virtual store.  

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