Many businesses are unsure of how and when to put more power into their e-commerce businesses. E-commerce implementation requires substantial consideration as it will have a long-term impact on your business. Hiring the right eCommerce strategy consultant will help you streamline your functional operations and ensure the best possible ROI (Return on Investments) on your business model. It is crucial to give considerable thought before you choose the eCommerce strategy consultant that aligns with the vision of your business and drives results. E-commerce strategy consulting comes with various skill sets and capabilities that you can use to take advantage of the business model you operate. They can offer first-hand knowledge and advice surrounding e-commerce platforms and the industry that you operate. Here is a list of major points to consider while picking an eCommerce consultant:

1.       Capability: You should be optimal about the capabilities of the chosen eCommerce consultant before you hire them and understand if they can address the specific concerns of your business. Running a background and going through previously undertaken projects can help you to understand the kind of services they offer.

2.       Additional Value adds: In this crowded and competitive landscape, there is no marker if you do not stand out. Go for the ones that offer value-added services on top of the business-as-usual and chuck out the mediocre services types.

3.       Roles and Responsibilities on Offer: Besides running a background verification, you should gather a clear view of the roles and responsibilities that are undertaken by the consulting services. This will help maximise the impact on your business operations while working with the consultant.

4.       Time-Bound Services: In a fast-paced industry, along with value-added services, you need to keep track of the time factor. Choose a strategy consultant that offers you the best services in a lesser amount of time. If you cannot deliver services at the right time, it will adversely impact your strategic planning.

Best E-commerce Strategy Consulting firms in the MENA region

This list of best e-commerce strategy consulting firms in the Middle East presents some of the leading advisory services firms in the region. This unique and culturally rich region provides some promising global business opportunities, and world-class consulting companies are establishing their presence in the region.

1.       Strategy & (PWC)

For any consultant with their foot in the Middle East grounds, Strategy& will be the first on their list of competitors. It is undoubtedly one of the best firms in the Middle East, pulling the most revenues in the region through high impact and strategic engagements. Booz & Co rebranded as Strategy& set their foot in the ME with their first office in Abu Dhabi in 1993, followed by Dubai, Beirut, Riyadh, Cairo, and most recently, Doha. Due to its deep roots in the region, the firms have gained a strong understanding of the market in the region and long-standing relationships in the private and public sectors. 

2.   Bain & Company

Bain & Company has been present in the ME region since 1990 and has been passionate about working with clients on their most critical issues and opportunities – including strategy, marketing, organisation, operations technology, etc. They have emerged as leading advisors for strategic projects in consumer products and retail, financial services, private equity, tourism, and transportation and construction industries. Over the years, Bain Middle East has been involved in making an impact in the community by engaging in pro bono and public sector casework, fundraisers, and volunteering. 

3.       Deloitte

For almost eight years, Deloitte has played a huge role in the growth of global business delivery excellence in the MENA region. Deloitte was the first Arab professional services firm established in the Middle East region in 1926 and has been providing audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services with 26 offices in 15 countries spread across the region today. Deloitte ME knowledge centre houses strong capabilities along with global talents in areas such as Financial Advisory Services, Enterprise Risk Services, and International Tax Services.

4.       Accenture

With a broad range of services in strategy and consulting and specialised capabilities in interactive technology and operations, Accenture brings forth the world’s largest network of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Operations centres. With a team of experts on data analysis and an innovative approach, Accenture helps companies surpass the challenges and find innovative solutions for clients in key markets, ensuring future success for organizations. Accenture offers agile transformation consumer experiences with Accenture Interactive services with a blend of consultancy, creation, and technology.

5.       Your Retail Coach (YRC)

Your Retail Coach (YRC) is a retail consulting and eCommerce outsourcing company in Dubai and Saudi Arabia offering a wide range of services in retail offline, retail eCommerce and retail omnichannel catering to a multitude of industries. YRC Ecommerce Management Consultants ensure minimalistic manual intervention in the eCommerce system and help build human-centric solutions that navigate the digital shopping landscape. With the enormous experience that YRC has accumulated over the years by working with international eCommerce brands in the ME region, YRC has evolved as the single-point contact for getting the entire brand up & running for many high impact strategic projects. YRC has played a pivotal role in shaping up successful and sustainable eCommerce businesses in the region, right from “Concept” to “Execution” & “Launch” in an organized way. Crafting the idea of the implementation process into phases, YRC helps you in choosing the right business model for e-Commerce whether it is a B2B business, B2C business, C2C business or D2C business. YRC’s digital management and consulting capabilities aligned to various global industries can be leveraged to its optimum to build a robust, sustainable & profitable eCommerce brand. Surpassing the disruption through their end-to-end services, YRC challenges the current industry obstacles and finds key solutions for their clients in the ME market, consolidating their future success.