Managing brands’ digital reputations has become essential for eCommerce businesses. When people search for or stumble upon your digital business, they are influenced by your online reputation. However, Online Reputation Management (ORM) extends beyond managing content for search engines. Furthermore, it’s about reducing negative business reviews and working on the issues and providing more positive feedback from happy clients. The BrightLocal study indicates that 85% of consumers trust online reviews more than personal recommendations.

Here are some customer care tips you need to take care of for improving your customer reviews:

  • Customer Queries – Make sure you always respond to their questions and feedback. In the case of an improperly managed question and answer system, giving one standard answer to all different types of questions will result in a bad customer experience. Customer reviews will always remain an influential aspect in determining your success
  • Customer Complaints – When a proper reply is not given, it may result in customer dissatisfaction and negative feedback. Customers will surely not return to your digital business if their complaints are not resolved in a proper manner.
  • Customer Feedback – It is extremely important to get back to customers’ feedback with a problem-solving approach. Always remember one good review will fetch you new 10 customers but one bad review could keep away hundreds of customers from trying your products and services.
  • Reports/Analytics – The ability to accurately identify areas in the business that needs improvement through customer service metrics can lead to higher customer acquisition as well as improved customer retention. For better communication, there are a few tools you can use like HubSpot, and Zoho for customer relationship management (CRM).  If selling on various marketplaces Facebook, Flipkart, and Amazon in that case also these kinds of integrated software prove to be useful.

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